Top Panel

The Top Panel.


The Top Panel== The top panel is located at the upper left corner of this program as shown above. With this panel you can toggle the many settings of Metasequoia. Below will list what each of the buttons do.

Pt- Points. When pressed allows you to see the points (verts), or dots on the model.

Ln- Lines. When pressed allows you to see the lines, or segments on the model.

Fc- Faces. When pressed allows you to see the faces of the model

usage tip; A right click will select solo and a second right click will select all 3.

Si- Toggle for patch, lathe, virtual mirror and blob to simple display. Right click for inividual selections

Fr- Front. When pressed allows you to only see and select the points on the front side (Your front side) of the model.

Img- Image. When pressed allows you to load (right click) and see the background image. Note: Images loaded into the orthagonal fields will only show if using the 4 xiew setup .

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