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The logo for Metasequoia, a 3D modeling program.

Metasequoia is a program for modeling in 3D. Though originally coded in Japanese, it's now available in English, as well, and can be found here [1]. It can be downloaded for free. The free version will not export .obj files or allow plugins.

There is also an option to purchase a license (details are on the site) for $45. This fee is a one off payment which will unlock all the features, allow plugins and give free upgrades on newer versions.

The interface is easy to use and all commands and menu options can have any shortcut key of your choice asigned to them.

Metasequoia is well suited for both box and edge extrusion styles of modeling.

What This Is ForEdit

We are here to provide proper info on the simple 3D Modeling program called Metasequoia. We have knowledge on this program, and we hope to provide the best up-to-date information on Metasequoia as possible. Thank you for reading, and please join the community.


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