This is just a page dedicated to discussing problems and their solutions. Obviously, Metasequoia, being a program, will have it's faults, so feel free to type out your own problem, and, if you're feeling generous, the solution to it, or possibly a solution to a different problem!

  • Problems Go Under This Line*----------------------
  • Padlock symbol on the file icon after saving
    • Solution: You may be saving the file in the "C:/Program Files (x86)/Metasequoia" directory. Try saving the files in the Documents or Downloads folder, or in a folder you create yourself called 'Metasequoia', or something similar
      Lock icon

      Observe the lock on the lower left corner of the icon.

  • There is a bug in the paint panel which becomes apparent if using copy to clipboard/paste from clipboard. You may find your model will disappear and the alpha channel will become active. Re load the texture from file and the problem should be solved.
  • Depending on your configuration settings, you may find the camera zoom goes strange. Solution = F5
  • Versions 2.4x do not open DXF files if language is set to English
  • Many of the plugins need to have the object you are working on, selected in the object panel in order to work.