Vert - selects all instances of a vert

Face - selects a face

Apex - By hovering over a face one instance of the vert can be selected

Select - Face (on the UV map) select

Move - This also incorporates the marquee for selection, but will move selected UVs

Rotate- rotates selected Uvs

Scale - scale selected UVs. shift constrains proportionally

The Icons are possible mapping options. Planar, cylindrical or spherical. The Z axis will be the seam.

Normalise - Any UVs outside the 0,0 and 1,1 coords will be moved inside.

Unify - Two or more selected UVs will be stitched

Separate - The seam of the selected UV will be split on both axis

Project - Selected faces (on the mesh) will be projected on to the UV screen

Align - Aligns selected UVs on the same U or V axis

Copy - ?

Paste - ?

SW rotate - select UV face and any texture applied will be rotated

SW invert - As above but inverted

Atlas - This is probably the best place to start with UV mapping. It will take your whole object and lay out the UVs proportionally to a square grid.

Export - Takes a snapshot of your current UV layout which can then be exported for use in a 2d paint program

Config - Various grid and snap to grid options. The slider at the bottom controls the display brightness of any

Unwrap - Collapses most of this menu

CurObj - Toggle for more than one obj with the same mat

Material - toggle for showing Uvs of obj having a different mat

Texture - as above

Select - toggle for faces selected on mesh

Repeat - For tiling textures

Grid/Snap - see config

Object - Obj visibility (acts as a second switch after visible in object panel)

Select - (yet another one!) Selected UVs will be highlighted, on the mesh, as spikes

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