An example of CL viewer.


CL Viewer is a program that is used to render MQO files and make them look better in general. It has a basic interface with many options to affect the shading. It can be downloaded here (Note that you need WinRAR or 7zip to open Izh files)

Using CL ViewerEdit

Again, CL Viewer follows a very simple interface. I will run through it here:


CL Viewer

To your left is the standard layout of CL View. To get rid of the grid, go to View>Grid an

The sidebar.

d uncheck it.

To your left is the sidebar of CL Viewer.

To change the background color, click on Back Color and change it to your desired color.

Checking celshader shows the advanced options. To hide them uncheck it.

Comm Diff and Spec are the three different advanced options. I will go through that later.

Entire default toggles the shading and outline.

Enable Celshader toggles the shading and outline.

Enable edge gets rid of or keeps the outline.

????? Changes the edgeline color a little bit neon.

Color allows you to change the color of the outline.

Scale changes the thickness of the edgeline.

Alpha changes the transparency of the edgeline.

Copy and Paste does as it says.

Unchecking light hides the light options.

Color and Ambiet affects the lighting.

Trace and reverse toggle lighting options.

Ortho toggles the viewing

Distance toggles the camera

Input adds camera options.

Anime hides or shows animation options.

In the diff section, this affects the shading.

The box next to Col1 affects the color of the shading.

The bar below it affects how much it is shaded.


The Diff Options